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After years of his songwriter/artist career in the band Hooper (Sony Music/Antinos Records) and Flaming Pie (Toshiba EMI), Segawa launched his solo career as a composer. In his early twenties, he’s focused on scoring television commercials and written over 2,500 television commercial projects throughout his careers. His major client include Sony, Rolex, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Canon among many others.

The Beatles’ album "Revolver" encouraged him to take the journey as a media composer. Joe Pass, the Jazz guitar virtuoso, was another influence and he has established his signature sound upon Jazz theory. He also has self-studied orchestration and scored a number of the top Japanese box office films, such as ’Gintama (Warner Bros.) and ‘Flying Colors (Toho)’ and the top rating television series, such as ‘The Best Divorce (Fuji Television)’ and 3 seasons of ’Yusha Yoshihiko (TV Tokyo)’. He also received the best music award at the 2012 Hyères Les Palmiers Film Festeival for the film ‘“Le Dernier Jour de L’hive”’.

Gintama (Warner Bros.)
Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite (Marvel Entertainment/Capcom) The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (Sony Pictures Entertainment) Super Salaryman Saenai-shi (TV Series)
Fukushima : Ballooning Casts (NHK)

Adult School(TV Series)


The Abnormal Crisis (Showgate)
Businessmen vs Aliens (Amazon series)
Yusha Yoshihiko Season 3 (TV Tokyo Series, all 3 seasons)
Koi no
sanriku ressha kon de iko! (NHK documentary)
Fukushima : Removing Nuclear Debris (NHK documentary) Wild Fukushima (NHK documentary)


Akegarasu (Showgate)
Flying Colors (Toho)
Nietzsche-sensei (Hulu Series)
Ushio to Tora (Tokyo MX
Peleliu Island - Revisiting a Forgotten Battlefield (NHK documentary)


The Great Shu Ra Ra Boom (GyaO)
Jossy’s (King Record)
Blue Flame (TV Tokyo series)
Challenging The Paranormal (NHK Documentary) Decommissioning Fukushima (NHK Documentary)


HK Forbidden Super Hero (Showgate) Kodomo Keisatsu (TBS Series) Tenmasan ga
yuku (TBS Series)
The Best Divorce (Fuji Television series) Theory of Everything (NHK Documentary)



Le Dernier Jour de L’hive (Short Film)
The Hero Yoshihiko and the Key of the Evil Spirit (TV Series) Murasaki/Purple (Documentary)

Selected Credits

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